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Canules MERZ AESTHETICS 20u (25G, 27G / 25mm, 28mm, 50mm)

Merz Aesthetics cannulas 20u (25G, 27G / 25mm, 28mm, 50mm)

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Merz Aesthetics cannulas are pain-reducing cannulas that are regularly used for mesotherapy sessions.

cannula size
  • 25 mm
  • 38 mm
  • 50 mm
  • 22G
  • 25G


Merz Aesthetics cannulas


Merz Aesthetics cannulas are regularly used for mesotherapy sessions with hyaluronic acid-based products. The cannulas generally allow a more convenient and simplified injection in the superficial dermis. Coupled with the right product(s), these cannulas help prevent the consequences of skin aging.

The cannula is generally inserted through a single entry point, and the length of the cannula chosen makes it possible to determine the safest incision area. Note that the cannula can bend notably around the tissues, spread the blood vessels including the nerves, as opposed to a needle which it would pass through.

Important : The cannulas are CE labeled, a guarantee of their quality and compliance with the health and safety standards of the European Union.

These Merz Aesthetics cannulas are manufactured in partnership with TSK laboratories.

Here are the different variants available:

27G 25mm

25G 38 mm

25G 50mm

All Merz Aesthetics cannula boxes contain 20 cannulas.

Merz Aesthetics Cannula Results:

Reduces pain and can also decrease post-treatment recovery, for greater comfort for both the patient and the practitioner skilled in these types of injections.

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