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Coup d'Eclat Anti-Aging Energetic Concentrate Ampoules 1ml x 12

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"Increase the vitality and radiance of your skin with the Coup d'Eclat anti-aging cure. Enriched with marine collagen, this miraculous formula fights the signs of aging, restores volume and suppleness to your skin, and stimulates cell regeneration. for a visible rejuvenating effect after just one week of nighttime application.With an impressive 186% increase in collagen levels, achieve visibly younger, firmer and luminous skin in just 24 days.The secret to a radiant complexion is finally within your reach!"

Discover our revolutionary anti-aging cure that transforms and fortifies your skin while fighting the signs of aging. Thanks to an infusion enriched with marine collagen, your skin regains its vitality, volume and radiance for a visibly younger appearance. The stunning results are visible within a week with an impressive 186% increase in collagen levels.

How to use: For maximum effectiveness, we recommend using this cure for 24 days, applying it at night to take advantage of the hours when cell regeneration is at its peak. Make sure your skin is clean and clean before applying the cure, focusing on the neck and décolleté areas. Gently massage the product until it is fully absorbed into the skin.

This anti-wrinkle cure is the secret to regaining a radiant complexion and firmer skin. Revealing the benefits of marine collagen, it restores all of the skin's suppleness. Even after a short period of use, the anti-aging effect of this restorative cure is remarkable.

Adopt this anti-aging cure and discover the transformative power of marine collagen for visibly younger, firmer and more radiant skin.

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