Anaca 3 Flat Belly Shorty L/XL Black

Anaca 3 Flat Belly Shorty L/XL Black

Anaca 3
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The Anaca 3 Ventre Plat Shorty is designed to sculpt your figure, promote slimming and reduce the orange peel effect. Incorporating a slimming formula based on red seaweed, Japanese pagoda and copaiba, it regularly releases cosmetic agents when rubbed into the skin for maximum results. Wear for 8 hours over 28 days for smooth skin and a refined silhouette. Resists up to 30 washes. Size L/XL, color black.

The Shorty Ventre Plat is designed to sculpt and reshape your figure while providing optimal comfort throughout your day. Its microencapsulated elaboration encompasses the stomach and waist area, thus favoring a slimming action.

The slimming function activates the decomposition of fat advantageously by using the extract of red algae. The anti-cellulite benefit helps to reduce the orange peel effect thanks to the addition of Japanese pagoda. The firming property of the Shorty Ventre Plat improves the smoothing of the skin thanks to the inclusion of copaïba.

The microencapsulated slimming formula is integrated into the fabric of the Shorty. As soon as the fabric rubs the skin, the microcapsules rupture, steadily releasing the cosmetic agents.

To get the maximum benefit from your Flat Belly Shorty, wear it with a thong or intimate protection to ensure optimal contact with your skin. It is recommended to wear it for 8 hours a day for a period of 28 days. To clean it, machine wash it at 30°. The microcapsules are resistant up to 30 washes.

Opt for our Flat Belly Shorty, a comfortable and easy solution to maintain a refined silhouette and smooth skin.
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