MAM Comfort 2 Silicone Pacifiers 0 Months and +...

MAM Comfort 2 Silicone Pacifiers 0 Months and + Pink Color Sterilization Box

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Take advantage of the 'MAM Comfort 2' pack, including two silicone soothers that are soft and safe for your baby's delicate skin. Designed for natural sucking like a mother's breast, these orthodontic pacifiers make it easy to attach the pacifier clip. Complying with all safety standards, including the NF EN 1400 standard, they are also BPA/BPS free. The pack includes a sterilization box for maximum protection, allowing pacifiers to be sterilized in just 3 minutes. Available in pink, these pacifiers bring ultimate comfort to your newborn.

Introducing the 'MAM Comfort 2' pack - a set of two silicone pacifiers for newborns, specially designed to meet their natural need to suck. These pacifiers, made of high quality silicone, offer maximum comfort thanks to their ultra-soft texture which is gentle on your baby's delicate skin.

Their unique, all-silicone design provides soothing, natural suction, replicating the sensation of the mother's breast. They also have an orthodontic shape, favoring a natural suction process, and a ring that facilitates the attachment of the pacifier clip.

These pacifiers comply with all required safety standards, including the NF EN 1400 standard. They are also BPA/BPS free, which is in compliance with current regulations.

The pack also includes a practical sterilization box, which allows you to easily sterilize the pacifiers in just 3 minutes. You will find the sterilization instructions inside the box - remember to save them for future use.

Adopt the 'MAM Comfort 2' pack to bring ultimate comfort to your newborn while respecting their natural needs. Pacifiers are available in blue color.

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