MAM Pacifier Clip Yellow

MAM Pacifier Clip Yellow

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MAM's Yellow Pacifier Clip is an innovative attachment solution that stands out for its stability and versatility. Compatible with various types of pacifiers and baby accessories, it offers optimal comfort thanks to its automatic release mechanism and flexible buckle. Easy to use and adjust, it is the essential accessory for all parents who want to quickly attach various objects such as their baby's ring pacifier, toy or teething ring.

The new Clip attachment stands out for its unparalleled stability and versatility. Designed to be compatible with various types of pacifiers and other baby accessories, it offers unparalleled convenience. Its innovative design allows parents to easily adjust the tether length according to the needs of different situations.

Featuring a flexible loop, MAM's Clip Clip makes attaching a pacifier, teether, toy and more a breeze. The addition of an ergonomic ring makes it easier to hang MAM pacifiers and other button pacifiers.

One of the major advantages of Clip MAM is its automatic release mechanism. It opens automatically when the tether is removed, providing easy one-handed operation. A feature that offers optimal comfort.

Reliable, practical and versatile, the Clip MAM fastener is a must for all parents looking for an innovative and effective fastening solution for their baby's accessories.
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