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Puressentiel Sleep Syrup Sweet Night Children Organic 125ml

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This organic syrup 'Puressentiel Sleep Sweet Night' is designed to promote deep and restorative sleep for children from 3 years old. Composed of four organic plant extracts (Chamomile, Linden, Poppy, Passionflower), it facilitates relaxation and falling asleep in a 100% natural way. Easy to use with its anti-error pipette, it can be used as a 7-day cure or occasionally for a peaceful and restorative night.

The Nocturne Soothing Syrup For Children Bio offers a 100% natural solution to promote the sleep of the youngest. Mixed from four plant extracts from organic farming, this syrup offers the soothing calm of Chamomile, Linden, enriched with Poppy known to facilitate relaxation and falling asleep, and Passionflower to promote deep sleep. and repairer.

Instructions: Use the anti-error pipette provided. For children from 3 years old, administer 2 pipettes of 1.5 ml per day, in one or two doses. Depending on the needs, the syrup can be used either at siesta with 1 pipette of 1.5 ml, or in the evening with 1 pipette of 3 ml. Children from 6 to 12 years old need a 5 ml pipette to be taken in the evening before sleeping. Children over 12 can take 2 pipettes of 5 ml each evening before bedtime.

This product can be used as a 7-day cure or occasionally, to be repeated if necessary. Our Organic Nocturnal Soothing Syrup for Children offers a natural and organic method to calm and facilitate your child's sleep.
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