Gilbert Organic Cotton Rectangle Pads x 180

Gilbert Organic Cotton Rectangle Pads x 180

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Gilbert Organic Cotton Rectangle Pads are soft, biodegradable and ideal for daily hygiene. Designed to be both skin-friendly and environmentally friendly, they are compact and leave no residue. Perfect for babies' delicate cleansing or for removing make-up. A hygienic and practical solution for the whole family.

These organic cotton discs feature two non-woven sides, providing unparalleled softness. Completely biodegradable, they are ideal for the delicate cleaning of babies or for removing make-up. Compact and leaving no lint, they are perfect for hygienic daily use.

"Designed to combine softness and respect for the environment, our organic cotton pads are your ideal ally for daily hygiene tasks. Equipped with a non-woven double face, they offer unparalleled softness, perfect for the toilet of toddlers. or for make-up removal.

One of the main advantages of these cotton discs is their biodegradability. Use them guilt-free, knowing that they help save our planet.

Another significant advantage, these compact cottons do not lint. They ensure comfortable application and use, without leaving any residue.

Perfectly hygienic, they are the go-to choice for all your hygiene necessities in 2021. Give your skin all the attention it deserves with our organic cotton pads."

Opt for the incomparable softness of our organic cotton discs, designed for the comfort and hygiene of the whole family while respecting the environment.
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