Color & Soin 5M Light Chestnut Mahogany

Color & Soin 5M Light Chestnut Mahogany

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'Color & Soin 5M Chestnut Light Mahogany' is a permanent color enriched with natural active ingredients to protect and nourish your hair while providing vibrant color. Its unique formula without ammonia, paraben, resorcinol and silicone, is ideal for sensitive scalps. Endowed with an exceptional covering power, it covers 100% of white hair and incorporates an oleo-protein complex to hydrate and revitalize your hair. In addition, this coloring gives off a sweet smell that makes its application comfortable. With Color & Soin, give your hair more than just color: real nourishing care.

Color & Soin is a permanent color that respects the health of your hair, which uses effective natural active ingredients to protect and care for your hair while providing vibrant color. Its formula is dermatologically tested and free of ammonia, paraben, resorcinol and silicone, making this product ideal for delicate scalps.

Combining coloring and care, Color & Soin has incorporated a unique oleo-protein complex in its formulation to protect the natural structure of your hair during the coloring process. This is how this product not only provides intense color but also hydrates, softens and conditions your hair for extraordinary shine.

In addition, Color & Soin uses very pure and radiant pigments to control the play of reflections and bring a dynamic color dimension. Its covering power is exceptional, covering 100% of white hair. For the easiest application, Color & Soin does not give off a strong odor and ensures optimal comfort of use.

- Preparation: Pour the entire bottle of herbal dye into the bottle of color fixer. Replace the cap and shake vigorously until blended.
- Application: Part your hair into four sections using a comb and apply the mixture to the roots. Then proceed to apply throughout the length of your hair, making sure to use all of the mixture for best results. Leave on for 20 minutes (or 35 to 40 minutes if gray hair is stubborn).
- Rinse and care: After rinsing your hair, apply the hair balm (included in the package) to fix the color. Gently massage your hair for 2 minutes before proceeding with the final rinse.

It's more than a color, it's a care for your hair. Opt for Color & Soin, permanent hair color with plant extracts, for healthy hair and radiant color.
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