Rogé Cavailles Absorb+ Deodorant 48h...

Rogé Cavailles Absorb+ Deodorant 48h Effectiveness 2 x 150ml

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"Discover the innovative technology of Absorb Deodorant from Rogé Cavailles! With its ability to absorb 5 times more moisture than traditional talc, it effectively fights odors and perspiration for 48 hours, even in the most intense moments. Its formula without alcohol is ideal for sensitive skin and leaves a fresh and subtle fragrance. For long-lasting protection and daily comfort, choose Rogé Cavailles!"

Combining innovation and efficiency, this product uses a revolutionary technology capable of absorbing up to five times more moisture than traditional talc. This unique feature allows it to stand up to the most intense moments of perspiration, helping to prevent unwanted odors and sweat marks from forming throughout your day.

Thanks to its alcohol-free formula, it is ideal for even the most sensitive skin. It provides reliable protection for an exceptional 48 hours, leaving you free to focus on what really matters.

With each use, you will also enjoy a feeling of freshness with a subtle and pleasant fragrance. For optimal benefit of its properties, we recommend daily use.

In summary, this product offers both long-lasting protection, respect for your skin and a fresh and pleasant fragrance, for a feeling of comfort throughout the day.

Keywords: 48 hour protection, sensitive skin, alcohol-free, fresh scent, moisture absorption, innovative technology.
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