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Roge Cavailles Dermato Deodorant Anti-odor spray 150 ml

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"Roge Cavailles Dermato Anti-Odor 48H Deodorant is an ultra-effective spray for optimal protection against odors and humidity for 48 hours. Without aluminum salts, it is ideal for sensitive skin thanks to its softening components. such as rice oil and bisabolol. Its unique formula contains powerful absorbents and antibacterial propolis extract to effectively fight sweat. Use it daily on dry underarms for long-lasting freshness."

Dermato Anti-Odor 48H is an ultra-effective deodorant without aluminum salts, ideal for the most delicate skin. Its performance is guaranteed for 48 hours, and it provides optimal protection against bad odors and humidity. Its unique composition contains absorbent elements to effectively fight against perspiration, and propolis extract, a powerful antibacterial that annihilates unpleasant odors. It also contains rice oil and bisabolol, known for their softening properties.

For optimal use, it is recommended to apply the Dermato Anti-Odor 48H deodorant daily to dry and cleansed armpits, respecting a distance of 15 cm.

Preserve the softness of your skin while staying dry and free of unpleasant odors for 48 hours with Dermato Anti-Odor 48H Deodorant, a gentle but effective super absorbent and antibacterial deodorant, without aluminum salts.
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