Hydrozid 200 ml

Hydrozid 200 ml

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Hydrozid is a cryosurgical device that is the new alternative to liquid nitrogen that prevents evaporation with proven effectiveness.




The Hydrozid system includes a lightweight cartridge, which keeps the gas pressure (and thus the temperature) constant from the first to the last use. The product's Scandinavian design, with an emphasis on functionality and ergonomics, makes it easy and comfortable to use. Its unique spray head is patented in Denmark with a patent pending in the USA.

Hydrozid is CE marked, FDA cleared and CDSCO (India) approved. Made in Europe.

Benefits of Hydrozid

  • Limits post-procedure preparation time, waste of gas through evaporation and personal protective equipment that is required for cryosurgery, such as when using liquid nitrogen.
  • Self-contained vial in a lightweight, portable box
  • Very easy to use - just point and spray
  • Always available for immediate use right off the shelf - no preparation required
  • Accessible to all healthcare professionals
  • Highly cost effective - approximately 1229 seconds total treatment time
  • 100% hermetic: no loss (no leakage or evaporation), effective for up to 3 years after manufacture
  • Practitioner can focus on the patient and the treatment, rather than on preparations and equipment use.


This product can be used in many cases:

  • Actinic Keratosis
  • Wart vulgaris
  • Seborrheic Keratosis
  • Plantar wart
  • Lentigo

And many other possibilities: Acrochordon, cervical contact bleeding, Condyloma acuminata, Melanoma gingival hyperpigmentation, Contagious molluscum...

Composition of Hydrozid

The product does not contain any dangerous cryogenic gases. Hydrozid uses norflurane, a medically approved gas that has no ozone depletion potential, is non-toxic and non-flammable. No protective equipment or large ventilated areas are required when using Hydrozid.


Between each cycle, wait until the bleach has completely disappeared.

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