DIVES DeHyal+ 1x10ml

DIVES DeHyal+ 1x10ml

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Effective solution for depolymerization and hydrolysis of chemical bonds in cross-linked hyaluronic acids


DIVES DeHyal+ 1x10ml


DeHyal+ is a freeze-dried hyaluronidase powder designed to reduce the side effects and complications resulting from hyaluronic acid implantation. It is an effective solution for the depolymerization and hydrolysis of chemical bonds in cross-linked hyaluronic acids. The disruption of the cross-linking agent results in immediate degradation of the acid and minimizes the negative consequences and complications resulting from its administration.

Treatment indications

- Removal of excessive amounts of hyaluronic acid administered

- long-lasting bumps or irregularities at the acid implantation site

- foreign-type granulomas

- unwanted displacement of the filler

- inadvertent administration of cross-linked acid into arteries or a blood vessel, which can lead to embolism and necrosis

- unwanted transparency of the filler due to too shallow a deposit of hyaluronic acid

- chronic swelling due to vessel compression or water retention at the site of filler application

- intolerance to hyaluronic acid or to the cross-linking agent.


Hyaluronidase - 1500 I.U.

Application protocol

Activate the product by adding 10 ml of saline solution. Before use, perform a sensitization test on the inner side of the forearm. Wait 5 minutes and ensure that the application site does not show a positive vesicle, accompanied by erythema. Consider the presence of a non-intense erythema or vascular macule as a negative reaction. Apply the product to cleansed skin until the desired effect is achieved. Do not exceed 150 I.U./ml of hyaluronic acid. The effects of the application of the product are immediate and the activation time in the skin is 24-48 hours. In case of insufficient results, repeat the treatment. Before carrying out the procedure, it is imperative to carry out a medical interview, eliminate contraindications and obtain informed consent to carry out the procedure, and inform the patient of the possible results and possible side effects.

Possible outcomes and side effects. Incorrect treatment or treatment not in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations may result in complications and side effects.

Post-treatment recommendations

For optimal treatment results and safe recovery, it is necessary to:

  • do not wear make-up for up to 12 hours
  • avoid sunbeds and excessive sun exposure for one week after treatment
  • not to expose the treatment site to extremely low and high temperatures


- pregnancy and breastfeeding

- cancer

- unstable diabetes

- epilepsy

- immune system diseases

- blood disorders associated with excessive bleeding

- hypersensitivity or allergy to any of the components of the preparation, especially to hymenoptera venom and bovine and ovine proteins

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