Berocca Boost Boost Effect 20 tablets

Berocca Boost Boost Effect 20 tablets

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Berocca Boost is a body and brain booster infused with vitamin C, zinc and caffeine to fight fatigue and promote alertness. Easy to use, a single tablet dissolves in a large glass of water, providing an invigorating drink with the unique taste of tropical acerola. Enriched with minerals, guarana seed extract and B vitamins, it supports the balance of the body while improving concentration. Added to this, its attractive pink coloring obtained from beet juice. Refuel with Berocca Boost.

Boost your physical and cerebral abilities with Berocca Boost, an invigorating solution with vitamin C and zinc. These key nutrients help fight fatigue and maintain optimal cognitive functioning. In addition, thanks to the addition of caffeine, Berocca Boost promotes alertness and improves concentration.

To use our product, simply dissolve one tablet in a large glass of water. The action of Berocca Boost is enhanced by a unique composition of ingredients.

Topping the list we have citric acid and sodium carbonates which play a role in correcting acidity. Magnesium sulphate, calcium and magnesium carbonate contribute to the mineral balance of your body.

Berocca Boost gets its caffeine content from the dry extract of guarana seeds, famous for its stimulating properties. The unique taste of our product is provided by the aroma of acerola, a tropical fruit rich in vitamin C.

To accentuate the sweetness of our drink, we added aspartame and acesulfame potassium as sweeteners. Vitamins B3/PP, B5, B6, B2, B1, B9, B8 and B12 reinforce the action of vitamin C and zinc for optimal well-being.

Finally, mannitol and polysorbate 60 improve the texture of our product.

Let's not forget the pretty pink color of our drink, obtained thanks to the beet juice powder.

In short, Berocca Boost is your ally for top physical and mental fitness.
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