BiseptineCICA Gel 50 g

BiseptineCICA Gel 50 g

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BiseptineCica Gel 50g is an innovative product for rapid and effective healing. It creates a protective barrier against infections and minimizes the risk of scarring thanks to its unique hydrogel formulation which maintains ideal moisture around the wound. In addition to its effectiveness, BiseptineCica offers immediate relief with its soothing cold effect. Easy to apply, it is the essential product for healthy and rapid healing.

Boost the healing process with BiseptineCica, an innovative product designed to maintain an ideal level of moisture around the wound. This intelligent gel acts on the microenvironment of the wound to promote rapid and effective healing.

BiseptineCica also has an occlusive property, creating a protective barrier that helps prevent infections. Not only does the gel avoid the need for dressings, but its slightly acidic pH also limits the risk of microbial proliferation. This reinforces its protective capacity and keeps infections at bay.

Additionally, BiseptineCica is formulated to minimize the risk of scar formation. Thanks to its unique hydrogel formulation, this product maintains a balanced moisture on the wound, thus avoiding the formation of scabs responsible for unwanted scars.

Finally, BiseptineCica offers instant relief with its soothing cold effect. The application is simple and effective: simply place a thin layer of gel on the wound without touching the tube. It is not necessary to make the gel penetrate completely.

With BiseptineCica, benefit from accelerated healing while preventing infections and scars. An essential product for a healthy and rapid recovery.
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