Ducray Ictyane Nourishing Cleansing Shower...

Ducray Ictyane Nourishing Cleansing Shower Cream Face and Body 200ml

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Ducray Ictyane Nourishing Cleansing Shower Cream is ideal for skin ranging from dry to extremely parched. Enriched with Sweet Almond Oil and Safflower Oil, it cleans and protects your skin without irritating it. Its innovative ACÉFYLLINE® and ABYSSINIAN OIL formula restores the natural moisturizing functions of your epidermis. With a creamy texture, it provides an immediate sensation of softness and freshness. Its high Green Impact Index testifies to its positive environmental impact. Its packaging is recyclable and its formula biodegradable. Also suitable for oily skin. Apply to damp skin, then rinse.

The ICTYANE Shower Cream is a daily cleanser that purifies and preserves skin ranging from dry to extremely parched. Containing SWEET ALMOND OIL and SAFFLOWER OIL, its gentle cleansing base respects and cleanses the epidermis without attacking it. Not only does it relieve stretching sensations, but it also protects against skin dehydration. Its innovative technique, enriched with the intelligent blend of ACÉFYLLINE® and ABYSSINIAN OIL, helps to stimulate the skin's natural hydration and nutrition functions.

Its creamy and thick texture softness and relief to your skin. Its Green Impact Index is B, making it a high value. Measuring the environmental and societal impact of our products, the Green Impact Index evaluates a product based on 20 global criteria. It not only measures the effectiveness of the product or its effects on the health of the individual, but also its consideration for nature and society as a whole.

At Pierre Fabre, we believe that a product is eco-designed as soon as it achieves a B rating on the Green Impact Index, but our ultimate goal is to achieve an A rating.

Its packaging is recyclable and its formula is biodegradable. It is manufactured in an environmentally certified factory.

It is ideal for oily problem skin, as it controls the shine of the epidermis and tightens the pores. Bringing an immediate feeling of freshness to the face.

To use, apply to damp skin, emulsify, and then rinse. Avoid contact with eyes.

Ingredients include water, sweet almond oil, safflower oil, and several other elements. It is recommended to check the list of ingredients on the packaging of the purchased product and to refer to the instructions.
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