Hydralin Gyn 200ml + Daily Hydralin 200ml

Hydralin Gyn 200ml + Daily Hydralin 200ml

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"Hydralin Gyn and Hydralin Quotidien are two essential products for intimate hygiene. Hydralin Gyn soothes and protects the irritated intimate area thanks to its unique formula incorporating the amino acid Glycocolle. It is ideal in addition to an antifungal treatment. Hydralin Quotidien , enriched with lotus extract, ensures softness and daily protection of your intimate flora. These products guarantee optimal intimate hygiene while respecting your sensitivity."

The Hydralin Gyn is specially designed to soothe the irritated intimate area. Thanks to its unique composition, including the amino acid Glycocolle, recognized for its soothing benefits, this product promises lasting intimate comfort throughout the day. Its balanced pH value effectively combats excess acidity, which can encourage the growth of certain microscopic fungi in the intimate area.

Instructions for use: Hydralin Gyn is an intimate hygiene treatment that can be used in addition to an antifungal treatment in the event of vulvovaginal mycosis. It does not replace specific antifungal treatment, which must be prescribed by a qualified healthcare professional.

In the Hydralin range of intimate care products, you will also find Daily Hydralin. Formulated with a lotus extract, known for its softening properties, this product gently protects and maintains the balance of your intimate flora. Its physiological pH makes it ideal for daily use.

Instructions for use: To be used daily as a liquid soap for personal hygiene. Be sure to rinse well with water after application.

Comfort, protection and balance are the hallmarks of the Hydralin intimate care range. Thanks to their specifically adapted formula, these products guarantee ideal intimate hygiene while respecting the sensitivity of the intimate area.
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