Paranix Extra Strong Anti Lice and Nits Shampoo...

Paranix Extra Strong Anti Lice and Nits Shampoo 300ml

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Paranix Extra Strong shampoo is an anti-lice and nit solution, without insecticide, capable of eliminating 100% of these parasites from the first application. Its non-greasy formula works by drying out lice and nits, while deeply cleansing the hair with ultra-mild detangling agents. Easy to use, it requires application to dry hair and abundant rinsing. Enriched with Paraffinum Liquidum, Laureth-4, MPA-Laureth Sulfate, and other key ingredients, this shampoo leaves your hair feeling clean, detangled, and static-free.

Paranix Extra Fort is an anti-lice and nits shampoo, without insecticide, which provides an effective solution from the first application to eliminate 100% of lice and nits. This fat-free treatment works by smothering and drying out the lice and nits that cannot resist its action.

Paranix Extra Strength shampoo features a non-greasy formula enriched with ultra-mild detangling agents that deeply cleanse the hair while facilitating the elimination of nits. To maximize the effectiveness of this shampoo, use a fine comb to remove lice and nits after application.

How to use: Apply this shampoo to dry hair, making sure to cover all of the hair, from roots to ends. Wait for the product to work, then add a little water to make it foam. Once lathered, wash hair and rinse thoroughly.

Key Ingredients: This head lice shampoo contains Paraffinum liquidum, Laureth-4, MPA-Laureth Sulfate, Cocoamide DEA, Acrylates Copolymer, Isododecane, Geraniol, Phenylethyl phenylacetate, Citronellol, isomers of Nerolidol, Geranyl acetate and Sesamum indicum seed oil.

Paranix Extra Fort is more than just a shampoo. It's a powerful solution that fights lice and nits effectively and without insecticide to leave your hair clean, detangled and pest-free.
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