Biotine Hixidrin 20 x 2ml - MCCM

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Biotin Hixidrin 20 x 2ml - MCCM is recommended for oily, combination and sensitive skin, acne and oily scalp or with a tendency to diffuse seborrhea alopecia, it helps regulate sebum secretion.


Biotin Hixidrin 20 x 2ml - MCCM


- Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, plays an important role in the metabolic process, both in humans and in other organisms, mainly related to the use of fats, carbohydrates and amino acids.

- Vitamin B8 is essential for the renewal of skin, nail and hair cells, three roles that are the source of its main medical indications. It helps to regulate the production of sebum, so it is recommended for :

  • Oily and combination skin
  • Oily hair

- Biotin is often used as a treatment for hair loss and is effective for people with a B8 deficiency. According to a recent study, more than one in three women affected by diffuse alopecia (hair loss over the entire head) are deficient in B8.

- A lack of vitamin B8 can be the cause of seborrheic dermatitis (inflammatory dermatosis in the form of red patches) or acne. A study dating from 1991 shows that a food supplement containing biotin can improve the condition of the skin.

- As nails are part of the phanera in the same way as hair, biotin also helps to improve their health and quality. A study conducted by Dr. Larry Hochman in 1993 at Columbia University showed that 63% of people supplemented with vitamin B8 saw the quality of their nails improve. Nails tend to become thicker and less brittle under the effect of biotin.


  • Cellular stimulation
  • healthy skin and tissue growth
  • Regulation of seborrhea and reduction of acne

As a natural astringent for the skin and scalp, Biotin helps to improve its structure and ensure its comfort.

Biotin Hixidrin MCCM is particularly recommended for oily, combination and sensitive skin, acne and oily scalp and / or with a tendency to diffuse alopecia seborrhea, it helps to regulate sebum secretion.

Application protocol

  • Transdermal mesotherapy
  • Dermapen
  • Dermaroler (micro-needling device)
  • In electrotherapy treatments such as ultrasound, ionization or other types of medical devices used in aesthetic treatments
  • Apply directly to the skin/scalp and massage until completely absorbed
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