Whitening Meso Cocktail MCCM 10 x 5ml

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Whitening Meso Cocktail MCCM 10 x 5ml : Ideal for depigmentation treatments, it has whitening properties and helps to reduce melanoma spots. Very effective in restoring colour to skin suffering from hyperpigmentation.


Whitening Meso Cocktail MCCM 10 x 5ml


The Whitening Meso Cocktail MCCM is composed of active ingredients treating pigmentation problems such as glutathione, vitamin C and pyruvic acid. This whitening product is very effective in restoring the colour of skin suffering from hyperpigmentation.

Thanks to Whitening, the epidermis quickly regains its original radiance. It also evens out the skin tone on all applied surfaces. Its actions reduce the synthesis of melanin responsible for the pigmentation problem. It also neutralizes the free radicals that attack the skin on a daily basis.


The specific composition of Whitening ensures a natural whitening of the skin. It limits the synthesis of melanin in targeted areas (melanic spots). It acts to restore the skin's natural tone. Hyperpigmentation is therefore reduced until a satisfactory result is obtained. The latter is obtained thanks to pyruvic acid, which regulates the melanin problem and restores the radiance of the epidermis.

The glutathione and vitamin C contained in the product also contribute to the maintenance of the skin:

  • Vitamin C gives the body a boost. It is also an excellent antioxidant that protects the skin.
  • Glutathione reduces cell ageing, thus smoothing the skin and giving it a radiant appearance.


Whitening is appreciated for its whitening effect. It significantly reduces hyperpigmentation by preventing the body from synthesizing too much melanin. The product's formula also fights free radicals that attack the epidermis. It also smoothes the skin and restores its health and radiance

Cyble zone

All parts of the body affected by hyperpigmentation.


  • Glutathione
  • Vitamin C
  • Pyruvic acid

Application protocol

  • The use of Whitening must be done by a professional with the appropriate skills.
  • The cocktail should be mixed with a gel or cream. It is an excellent complement to a transdermal mesotherapy treatment or any other electrotherapy solution.
  • The whitening can also be used with various medical devices for aesthetic treatments.
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