Mag 2 Exams 30 Tablets

Mag 2 Exams 30 Tablets

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Mag 2 Exams is a 4-in-1 food supplement designed to improve memory, increase concentration and reduce nervousness and fatigue. Enriched with marine magnesium and vitamin B6, it also helps reduce fatigue and support the nervous system. It includes bacopa extract for memory and the patented Memophenol™, a 100% vegetable supplement for better neuronal assimilation. Recommended twice daily for 15 days, it is ideal for supporting periods of intensive study and stressful situations.

This unique 4-in-1 formula is designed to improve your memory, increase concentration, reduce nervousness and fight fatigue, during exam period or during demanding situations. It is a complete solution, a real help to achieve your goals. By consuming the maximum daily dose of this food supplement enriched with marine magnesium and vitamin B6, you help reduce fatigue and support the proper functioning of the nervous system.

This ally of your success also contains bacopa extract, recognized for its benefits on memory and attention. In addition, Memophenol™, an innovative patented ingredient resulting from neuroscience research, brings added value to our formula. Of 100% vegetable origin, clinically tested and rich in small essential flavonoids, it ensures better assimilation at the level of neurons.

For optimal effectiveness, we recommend taking one tablet in the morning and evening, for a period of 15 days. This cure can be repeated if necessary.

With this natural solution, improve your memory, concentration and nervous health while reducing fatigue. It is a reliable support to succeed in your daily challenges!

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