Phyto Apaisant Ultra Soothing Cleansing Care 125ml

Phyto Apaisant Ultra Soothing Cleansing Care 125ml

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"Phyto Apaisant Ultra Soothing Cleansing Care 125ml is a natural shampoo dedicated to sensitive scalps. Enriched with Camelina oil and Soapwort extract, this care offers lasting soothing from the first use. It calms irritations and itching, while making your hair silky and easy to comb. For optimal effectiveness, use it as a cure for 2 to 3 weeks. A real ally for daily comfort and hair well-being."

The cleansing treatment based on Soapwort extract is a natural remedy intended for the gentle care of sensitive scalps. This soothing shampoo, enriched with Camelina oil, provides lasting relief from the first application. It calms irritation, feelings of tension and itching, leaving hair silky, manageable and easy to comb.

To take full advantage of this product, apply it section by section all over your dry scalp. Gently massage to ensure even distribution, adding product as needed to achieve a "wet roots" effect. Then, add water in small quantity while continuing to massage. Repeat the operation to emulsify the product well until there are no more creamy residues on the hands. It is recommended to rinse thoroughly for optimal results.

For best results, use this treatment as a cure for 2 to 3 weeks. It is designed specifically to soothe sensitive and irritated scalps, while strengthening the suppleness and softness of the hair. Try this cleansing treatment based on Cameline oil and Soapwort extract to benefit from a soothed scalp and easy to comb hair.

Thanks to its gentle and soothing action, this cleansing treatment offers a natural and effective solution to restore comfort and hair well-being. It is a real ally to take care of your sensitized scalp and your hair on a daily basis.
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