Phyto Cédrat Sebum-Regulating Purifying Shampoo...

Phyto Cédrat Sebum-Regulating Purifying Shampoo 250ml

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Phyto Cédrat Sebum-Regulating Purifying Shampoo offers effective and gentle hair care. This shampoo controls sebum production and unclogs the scalp, allowing you to extend the interval between each wash. Its use guarantees a healthy scalp, light and voluminous hair. Ideal for oily scalps, use twice a week or alternate with our daily balancing shampoo. Its plant-based cleansing base provides gentle cleansing.

Benefit from an effective hair treatment with our regulating shampoo. It controls the production of sebum and unclogs the scalp, thus allowing to prolong the interval between each washing. Get a healthier scalp after just one use, plus lighter, fuller hair. To use, apply shampoo to damp scalp and massage in gently. Let it soak for two minutes before rinsing. For oily-prone scalps, we recommend twice-weekly use. If you wash your hair every day, use it alternately with our PHYTOPANAMA Balancing Treatment Shampoo. Enjoy gentle care thanks to its plant-based cleansing base. An ideal solution to cleanse and purify the scalp while restoring the lightness and volume of your hair.
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