Lashile Good Sun Vitamins Self-Tanning X60

Lashile Good Sun Vitamins Self-Tanning X60

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Lashile's Good Sun are self-tanning vitamin gummies. Made in France with 100% vegan ingredients, these delicious peach flavored candies are enriched with natural phytopigments like Beta-Carotene and Lycopene which strengthen, accelerate tanning and protect your skin from the sun. Lutein filters harmful blue light while Vitamin E fights skin aging. With copper to prevent premature aging and selenium to promote a healthy bronzed complexion, these gummies are your ally for a year-round tan. Simple to use, take 2 gummies a day for glowing, luminous skin.

Introducing GOOD SUN, vitamin gummies designed to help you maintain a tan all year round. These gummies are your accomplice for a stronger tan! Made from 100% vegan ingredients, without synthetic dyes and carefully crafted in France, our gummies are your ally for a luminous complexion.

Based on a unique and exclusive recipe of plant phytopigments such as Beta-Carotene, Lycopene, Lutein and Vitamin E, these candies are a valuable source for fortifying your tan.

Lycopene, a natural pigment, acts as a tanning accelerator and a protective shield against sun damage. By activating the production of melanin, it promotes a natural and healthy tan. Beta-Carotene, another phyto-natural pigment, is known to prepare the skin for sun exposure and accelerate tanning, while fighting the appearance of signs of skin aging. It also strengthens nails and adds shine to your hair.

Lutein, a natural anti-oxidant, filters harmful blue light emitted by UV rays, increasing the skin's resistance to the sun and protecting the skin and eyes.

Vitamin E, recognized as the vitamin of youth, is a powerful anti-oxidant that fights aging by providing anti-inflammatory action, while moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Add to this copper, an essential element that accelerates tanning and combats premature cell aging while maintaining skin and hair pigmentation. Selenium, on the other hand, facilitates tanning, delays skin aging and is a bulwark against the dryness of the skin, while promoting the beauty of hair and nails.

Scented with natural peach flavors, these gummies deliver an irresistible fruity flavor. To take full advantage of their benefits, we recommend taking 2 gummies a day at your convenience. Each bottle contains a one month supply of 60 gummies. For optimal and lasting results, a cure of 2 to 3 months is recommended. However, results may vary from person to person.

Store at room temperature in a dry, clean place. With GOOD SUN vitamins, you will get results from the first month. Treat yourself while taking care of your skin!
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