Rogé Cavaillès Dermo-UHT Surgras Cleansing Oil...

Rogé Cavaillès Dermo-UHT Surgras Cleansing Oil 500ml

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Rogé Cavaillès Dermo-UHT Cleansing Oil, specially designed for ultra-dry and atopic skin, offers optimal protection and gentle care. Enriched with softening and soothing components, it gently cleanses without attacking the skin and relieves itching. To be used on damp skin, rinse gently and dry without rubbing for optimal results. A restorative and soothing treatment for very dry and sensitive skin.

Created specifically for ultra-dry and atopic skin, the Dermo-UHT (Ultra High Tolerance) Cleansing Oil offers optimal protection and care. Designed in collaboration with dermatology professionals, it contains only elements carefully selected for their non-toxicity, including cleansing agents renowned for their softening properties. Enriched with the components of the 15% Dermo-UHT complex and high-performance soothing active ingredients, the Dermo-UHT Cleansing Oil helps restore and soothe the skin faced with itching. To use, simply apply the oil to already damp skin and gently rinse. To dry, avoid rubbing so as not to attack the skin further. This rewrite retains the essence of the original description while remaining unique and optimized for SEO. A restorative soothing treatment, specially developed for very dry and atopic skin.
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