Rogé Cavaillès Extra-mild Surgras Soap Cotton...

Rogé Cavaillès Extra-mild Surgras Soap Cotton Flower 150 G

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Rogé Cavaillès extra-mild surgras soap with Cotton Flower is impregnated with sweet almond oil, cleansing and moisturizing your skin with unparalleled softness. It provides continuous protection against environmental attacks and preserves your skin's natural moisture. Its exquisite fragrance of Cotton Flower envelops you with a feeling of happiness every day. Easy to use, it leaves your skin silky and delicately scented after each shower.

Impregnated with sweet almond oil, this extra-mild Surgras Soap with Cotton Flower gently cleanses your skin, while giving it a breath of comfort and flexibility. Designed to help your epidermis preserve its natural hydration over the days, this soap envelops your skin in a protective veil and safeguards it against environmental attacks thanks to its surgras components. Rediscover the feeling of happiness every day with the exquisite fragrance of Cotton Flower. For silky and subtly scented skin.

Instructions for use: Dampen your skin and apply the extra-mild Surgras Soap with Cotton Flower, then gently rinse with lukewarm water.

Its gentle cleansing properties, its supply of hydration and its protection against external aggressions are all factors that make this surgras soap unique and valuable for your daily skincare routine. Highlight the softness and flexibility that this soap can bring to your skin and discover a delicate and addictive scent of Cotton Flower. Your skin deserves the best, opt for our extra-mild Surgras soap with Cotton Flower.
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