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    Condotrofin is used for bone and joint diseases and chronic degenerative rheumatism: Reduces rheumatic pain, aggravates joint and muscle pain.




    - Regenerator and anti-inflammatory treatment

    - A product that largely covers the therapeutic needs of all inflammatory and degenerative processes of the locomotor system, as well as traumatic or microtraumatic injuries typical of sports practice

    - Condotrofin is used in osteoarticular pathology and chronic degenerative rheumatism

    - Condotrofin relieves rheumatic, articular and muscular pain that worsens

    - Regenerator of degenerative and traumatic musculoskeletal injuries

    - Effective against sports-related injuries and dark circles under the eyes

    - Box with 20 ampoules of 2 ml each

    This product is indicated for :

    • Rheumatic joint processes
    • Arthrosis, arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, gonarthrosis and lumbar arthrosis
    • Cytalgia
    • Post-herpetic neuritis
    • Inflammatory and traumatic processes typical of sports, such as sprains, cramps, muscle contractures and tendon injuries, among others


    • Water
    • Sodium chloride
    • Symphytum officinale
    • Arnica montana
    • Spiraea ulmaria

    Application protocol

    • 1 to 3 ampoules per week in addition to an anti-inflammatory treatment
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