Serum Xtra Slimming 30ml - SIMILDIET

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Serum Xtra Slimming 30ml - SIMILDIET : Serum with lipolytic, slimming, skin redensifying and figure defining action.


Xtra Slimming Serum 30ml - SIMILDIET


- XTRA Slimming is a powerful treatment to reduce fat on the chin and double chin, knees, thighs, stomach and arms.

- The fusion of traditional active ingredients and biomimetic peptides is a revolution in cosmetics

- By using biomimetic peptides, we act on the deepest mechanisms of cellular physiology. Biomimetic peptides interact as biocatalysts, participate or inhibit intercellular communication, activate metabolic processes and produce a global bio-stimulation of the skin.

- They are structurally identical to those found in human skin which means that they can intervene in physiological mechanisms with a very specific global action.


  • In addition to its fat-reducing effect, XTRA Slimming tones and firms the skin, allowing the figure to be significantly refined and the body to be re-sculpted.
  • In addition to its redensifying action, Xtra also activates a lipolytic action.

Application protocol

Morning and evening, after cleansing the area to be treated, apply a few drops with the fingertips using light circular massages until completely absorbed.

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