Valdispert Cannabis Sativa 24 Capsules

Valdispert Cannabis Sativa 24 Capsules

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Valdispert Cannabis Sativa is a natural formula that helps you manage stress effectively. Enriched with hemp seed oil and valerian root, it promotes deep relaxation without any psychotropic effects. Easy to use, just take one capsule a day to find calm and serenity in the face of daily stress. Occasional or daily use depending on your needs.

Be serene and zen even in times of pressure thanks to our natural formula enriched with plant extracts: hemp seed oil and valerian root. Our product, Valdispert Cannabis sativa, uses valerian root to help manage stress effectively and promote deep relaxation. The hemp used in Valdispert Cannabis sativa, also known by its scientific name Hemp, is completely legal and has no psychotropic effects.

Recommended Use: Simply take one capsule daily, with water, morning or evening as desired. It is a product that can be used occasionally or daily, depending on your needs. However, be careful not to exceed the recommended dose for optimal and safe use.

Our formula with plant extracts gives you the serenity you need to face daily stress. With Valdispert Cannabis sativa, find calm and tranquility.
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