Somatoline Slimming Ultra Intensive Fresh Gel 7...

Somatoline Slimming Ultra Intensive Fresh Gel 7 Nights 400ml

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Discover Somatoline Slimming Ultra Intensive Fresh Gel 7 Nights, a revolutionary slimming product rich in powerful active ingredients such as sea salt and sericoside. With a clinically validated BioGelSlim7-complexTM formula, it provides a triple slimming action: lipolytic effect, draining and anti-storage action. Enjoy its soothing marine fragrance and its gel texture for pleasant massages. Apply it every night for a week for impressive results, and extend for up to four weeks for a dramatic effect. Enjoy soft, smooth and sculpted skin with this innovative and fast treatment.

Take advantage of the unequaled effectiveness of our product thanks to its revolutionary BioGelSlim7-complexTM formula. Enriched with powerful active ingredients such as sea salt and sericoside, this formula promises impressive and clinically validated results after just one week of application. Its light and innovative gel is perfect for massage, leaving your skin soft and silky thanks to the presence of sea salts.

Its exquisite sea scent offers a soothing feeling of refreshment and well-being. Our product offers an incomparable triple slimming action:
- Lipolytic effect: helps reduce fat deposits
- Draining action: facilitates the evacuation of superfluous skin fluids
- Anti-storage effect: prevents the accumulation of new fat

For optimal effectiveness, we recommend applying this product every evening for a week. For even more dramatic results, continue treatment for up to four weeks.

Get complete care with this innovative, fast-acting formula that promises soft, smooth and harmoniously sculpted skin.
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