Neauvia | Hyaluronic Filler Market

Neauvia | Hyaluronic Filler Market

Neauvia is Matex Lab's main brand. The company produces highly innovative pharmaceutical product lines. The headquarters are in Lugano with subsidiaries in Italy and Poland. The brand has been operating since 2012 with expertise in the following areas: injectables, such as skin fillers and biorevitalizers; Anti-aging and lenitive creams; Tissue regeneration systems and healing serums with sterile masks.

Neauvia Brand represents innovation and safety. Neauvia has quickly established itself as a reference brand for professionals in aesthetic medicine, with a distribution network covering more than 70 countries. The company's core business is soft tissue fillers, Neauvia Organic.

Neauvia Organic stands out on the world market for its combination of ultra pure hyaluronic acid with a unique cross-linker, PEG. This unique combination creates a highly cohesive and viscoelastic hydrogel, but at the same time it is easy to inject and mould into tissue.

The high quality standards of the NEAUVIA Organic range are guaranteed by advanced manufacturing technology. Many professionals worldwide have successfully performed 100,000 safe injections with Neauvia organic fillers.

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