Cebellia - Quality French Dermo-Cosmetic Care

About Cebellia

Cebellia stands out as an entirely French brand, specializing in quality dermo-cosmetic products. Working closely with healthcare professionals, the brand has established itself as a preferred choice for a daily skin care routine, as well as pre- and post-surgical support.

The origin of Cebellia

The genesis of Cebellia rests on the shoulders of its founder, Carole Foussé, a visionary enthusiastic about the potential of cosmetic research. With nearly fifteen years of experience in developing cutting-edge formulations, Carole has witnessed the evolution of medical and aesthetic procedures. She thus discerned the urgent need for adapted cosmeceutical support, to prepare and restore the skin. In 2001, she initiated the creation of Laboratoires d'Anjou, anchored from the start in a collaborative approach with the medical sector and the eminences of French research. After a year of diligent experimentation with aesthetic health professionals, Cebellia was born in 2007, introducing the revolutionary Baume LCE.

Committed and attentive, Carole Foussé favors an approach centered on the real needs of users and professionals. Its incessant quest for the ideal component aims to enhance and complete aesthetic interventions. Cebellia is committed to an authentically scientific approach, developing well-tolerated solutions for all skin types, intended to counter their multiple challenges.

Currently, Cebellia has an international reputation, offering a varied range of cosmeceutical products, suitable for both regular use and pre- and post-operative care.

The jewels of Cebellia

LCE Balm remains Cebellia's first born, acclaimed by specialists for the comfort it provides to the skin, particularly following cosmetic procedures. Its unique formulation targets minor skin conditions, irritations and other discomforts such as bruising.

The range extends with a soothing body milk, designed for skin prone to dryness and sensitivity. Its restorative properties make it an ally after certain aesthetic treatments. Another flagship product is extreme care, ideal for comforting stressed and sensitive skin, particularly after procedures such as peels.

Cebellia's portfolio also includes a delicate soap, a soothing cream for redness, as well as a range intended for the eye area. To meet age-related needs, Cebellia presents anti-aging and depigmenting solutions, acting against brown spots and promoting a harmonious complexion.

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