Kelo-Cote | Hyaluronic Filler Market

KELO-COTE | Hyaluronic Filler Market

KELO-COTE is a patented silicone gel that helps improve the appearance of scars and prevent their formation.

Kelo-Cote is a line of patented topical silicone gel and spray products for the treatment and prevention of abnormal scars (hypertrophic scars and keloids).

Kelo-Cote is approved in Europe as a Class I medical device. Silicone is recommended as a first-line treatment by the most widely recognized guidelines for scar treatment, including the 2002 International Clinical Guidelines, and by physicians worldwide.

Kelo-Cote is the most researched and published silicone technology available today and is widely recognized for the treatment of scars by physicians around the world.

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