Dermapen | Hyaluronic Filler Market

Dermapen | Hyaluronic Filler Market

Dermapen is the world leader in the microneedling pen, which is an anti-aging technique that uses an electric pen fitted with several single-use micro-needles that pierce the skin. Dermapen products are therefore guarantees of ultra-innovative technologies for a much better absorption of topical nutrients and thus impressive results.

Dermapen offers a wide range of Dermapen Treatments products which can also be purchased as a kit including:

  • antibacterial protections
  • Meso-Glide serums to support microneedling procedures in the best possible way: in this way, the powerful active ingredients are needled deeper into your skin for an ultimate result
  • micro-needling accessories to complete procedures at home

In addition, the brand is committed to providing effective products to respond to all your skin problems through a morning and evening routine; in this sense the products of the Dp Dermaceuticals range are unique.

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