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Me Line | Hyaluronic Filler Market


- ME LINE is the first and only product line that specializes in any type of hyperpigmentation, whether the body is directly or indirectly affected by pigment disorders. It is suitable for any type of pigment or body part. To achieve the desired result as a dermatological specialist, the products and treatments require experience and special knowledge.

- ME LINE peels are an innovative treatment to address pigmentation and sun damage. In addition to hyperpigmentation and melanoma pigmentation, ME LINE also treats dermatitis, signs of aging (wrinkles), and acne in a process called "controlled chemical dermabrasion."

- ME LINE is part of InnoAesthetics Laboratories in Barcelona, Spain. InnoAesthetics boasts a rich history. The company was founded in 1998 by Dr. Fernando Bouffard, an internationally renowned pharmaceutical specialist in the field of dermatological products and hyperpigmentation treatment.

- Working with a professional team of clinically trained scientists and laboratory technicians, Bouffard dedicated himself to the study of transdermal delivery systems and made unique scientific discoveries in this area. This led to the development of specialized products in the field of hyperpigmentation, from which the ME LINE was born. To this day, no concept compares to ME LINE, thanks to its unique products and proven results.

-Because we know that on each skin type each pigmentation spot is different, we have developed 3 specific treatments to be able to achieve the best possible results.

Application protocol

ME LINE uses a controlled dermabrasion process in which various chemical agents remove the top layer of dead skin cells:

  • First Step: The skin is prepared with a cleanser and degreaser, as well as a special ME LINE compound. Two to three layers of the compound are left on the skin before being removed and the skin rinsed.
  • Step Two: The ME LINE peel is applied in a thicker layer to areas that need more attention (e.g., hyperpigmentation, fine lines, acne). The mask is left on for up to four hours at a time. Some patients choose to go home during this time.
  • Step Three: You will receive a comprehensive post-treatment care program, which includes a gentle wash, barrier creams and sunscreen, as well as special ME LINE products after three days.
  • Step Four: After eight weeks, it is recommended that you repeat the ME LINE peel for best results.

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