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Lesthetic Paris Meso
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reveals its new collection: MESO. A collection that combines effectiveness, well-being and safety. Because our customers are privileged, L'ESTHÉTIC Laboratories have designed products with high quality formulas, maximizing natural ingredients. The entire MESO line is made exclusively in France. Over time, the skin changes: it becomes damaged and ages. Despite the promises of cosmetic products and a healthy lifestyle, the deep layers of the epidermis deteriorate. They lose their hyaluronic acid, vitamin and collagen content.
L'ESTHÉTIC MESO uses exclusively pharmaceutical-type ingredients with a molecular weight 1000 times higher than the products offered by the competition. Thanks to its complex formulas, resulting from French biological research, MESO stimulates the skin from the inside without changing its expression or shape.CUSTOMIZATIONL'ESTHÉTIC MESO adapts to all ages and all skin types. Our tailor-made treatments cover the face, neck, décolleté and hands. The MESO range has been tested to guarantee maximum safety, effectiveness and painless procedures.
NATUREL'ESTHETIC MESO uses the best ingredients: vitamins, natural extracts, essential elements, collagen, hyaluronic acid of pharmaceutical quality.

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