Silhouette Soft

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Silhouette Soft

- Silhouette Soft is a highly effective thread lift that can be used to correct and tighten the mid-face, jawline, eyebrows and neck.

- Silhouette Soft is a unique and innovative solution to help reposition and redefine the jawline. Because it is a minimally invasive procedure, recovery time is minimal, and the results are long-lasting and natural.

- The treatment lasts less than a week.

- The treatment takes less than an hour and offers long-lasting results. The quality of the Silhouette Soft threads and the procedures we recommend create high levels of patient satisfaction.

- When the Silhouette Soft threads are used, the results are long-lasting.

- When it comes to treating the visible signs of aging, there are many options. But there is only one that instantly corrects sagging skin, with results that last up to 24 months.

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