Mesoram | Hyaluronic Filler Market

Mesoram | Hyaluronic Filler Market


- These needles are specially designed for btx injections and micro-injections.

- Mesotherapy needles offer benefits to both doctors and patients.

- The use of these mesotherapy needles reduces pain. 

- The use of these mesotherapy needles avoids the need for local anesthesia. 

- These mesotherapy needles for micro-injection are available in different lengths/sizes.

- The 6 mm micro-needles are particularly suitable for aesthetic treatments.

- Mesoram microinjection needles are supplied in boxes of 100 sterile needles.

- The sterile needles are individually wrapped.

- Mesoram needles are sterile, single use mesotherapy needles.

- Mesoram mesotherapy needles specifications for micro-injection:

  • Ease of injection
  • Precise grinding of the needles
  • Minimal pain sensation
  • Less visible entry hole
  • Ideal for aesthetic treatments 
  • Individually packaged
  • Single use only 
  • Sterilized with EtO 
  • CE marked 
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