SVR Clairial Nightpeel 50ML

SVR Clairial Nightpeel 50ML

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Clairial Night Peel is an intensive nighttime treatment for all sensitive skin types, precisely targeting all types of dark spots. Combining the formula of our famous Clairial serum with papaya enzyme, this at-home peel visibly reduces spots from the first night, leaving you with a clearer, brighter complexion. With regular use, spots gradually fade for even, glowing looking skin. Easy to use with a hygienic brush, it contains quality ingredients like glyceryl stearic acid, niacinamide and squalane, for a radiant complexion upon waking.

Designed for all sensitive skin types, Clairial Night Peel is an overnight treatment specially designed to target all types of dark spots - whether they are related to aging, uneven skin tone, blemish marks or sun damage. . This unique and effective formula is intended for use on the face and is recommended for adults.

The Clairial Night Peel is a peeling that acts at home, offering results comparable to a professional treatment. It combines the flagship formula of our famous Clairial serum with a papaya enzyme. Thanks to its surface keratolytic action, this peel visibly reduces dark spots from the first night. The complexion becomes clearer and brighter.

With regular use each night, spots gradually fade, leaving your skin even and glowing. To apply, simply turn the brush tip to 'on' and apply the product in a thin layer with a brush stroke. To clean, turn the nozzle to 'off'. It's as simple as that! Thanks to this hygienic design, there is no risk of contamination.

Among its ingredients of choice are water, glyceryl stearic acid, propanediol, alginate, bentonite, niacinamide, squalane and many more. This formula also contains papaya and diacetyl boldine for enhanced action. Finally, it should be noted that the Clairial Night Peel contains a delicate fragrance for a pleasant sensory experience.

Clairial Night Peel is the at-home solution for clearer, brighter, more even skin. Adopt it now to wake up every morning with a radiant complexion!
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