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Furterer Okara Color Color Protective Care Mask 200ml

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The Furterer Okara Color Color Protection Mask is an innovative treatment for damaged colored hair. Offering intense regeneration, it is a powerful ally to maintain the radiance of your color durably, thanks to a targeted action that retains the color at the heart of each fiber. Its creamy texture, scented with a floral fragrance, promises easy detangling and gives your hair exceptional shine. For optimal protection, use up to twice a week after shampooing, for 2 to 5 minutes. Your hair regains strength and luminosity for up to two months.

This extraordinary hair treatment provides intense regeneration for damaged color-treated hair while sustainably defending color vibrancy. Thanks to its targeted action, the color is absorbed and then firmly retained within the hair shaft, thus promoting the restoration of hair extremely sensitized by coloring procedures. This innovative hair treatment reveals an opulent and creamy texture scented with a delicate floral fragrance. It guarantees prolonged protection of the luminosity of colored hair for up to two months. Colored hair regains strength, it is impeccably rid of knots and reveals radiant shine. Instructions for use: After washing, apply 3 to 5 doses, strand by strand, over the entire length of towel-dried hair. Leave on for 2 to 5 minutes. Detangle before rinsing generously. Use once or twice a week.
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