Durex Comfort XXL x 10

Durex Comfort XXL x 10

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"Durex Comfort XXL x 10, generously wide condoms with an exceptional diameter of 60 mm. Offering optimal efficiency, safety and comfort thanks to their high quality latex and extra lubrication. Their straight design makes them easy to put on while their reservoir reinforces their reliability. Rigorously tested for 100% integrity, they guarantee you effective protection and a comfortable experience."

Enjoy generous width with our condoms, featuring an exceptionally wide 60mm diameter. Made of high quality latex, they offer optimum efficiency and safety thanks to their extra lubrication which ensures unequaled comfort. The installation of these condoms is facilitated by their straight design, and their reservoir reinforces their reliability.

True to Durex's reputation, each condom undergoes rigorous electronic testing, ensuring 100% integrity. Additionally, each batch produced is verified through five separate quality tests, ensuring consistent excellence.

Opt for our condoms for effective protection and a comfortable experience, while benefiting from a unique extra large diameter. This product description has been written with SEO optimization in mind, emphasizing key features such as nominal width, extra lubrication, ease of use, and the impeccable quality guaranteed by Durex .

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