Lipase 1500 UI 5x10ml - MCCM

Lipase 1500 UI 5x10ml - MCCM

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Lipase combines a biotechnology that uses three enzymes, very effective treatment against localized fat.


Lipase 1500 IU 10x5ml - MCCM


The ingredients contain moisturizing and slimming active ingredients, aimed at reducing cellulite and fat

Lipase combines a biotechnology that uses three enzymes

Lipase is a very effective treatment against localized fat.

Lipase is a digestive enzyme secreted by pancreatic cells and released into the small intestine. It helps destroy fats, by splitting triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids.


  • Each enzyme that makes up Lipase has specific properties. Collagenosis acts on the body's collagen. It stimulates your metabolism to eliminate fatty deposits causing cellulite.
  • Lipase is an enzyme affecting triglycerides. It thus transforms the fat in the body into smaller molecules in order to facilitate the absorption of the latter by the body.
  • Hyaluronidase, on the other hand, prevents the accumulation of fluid in the body. It depolymerizes hyaluronic acid around connective tissue cells. This action thus facilitates the distribution of fat throughout the body.

Main ingredients of LIPASE 1500 IU

Aqua (Water), Mannitol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Calcium Chloride, R-Clostridium Histolyticum, Collagenase G, Cyclodextrin, Hyaluronidase, Lipase


The effects of Lipase 1500 IU MCCM are multiple. The combined action of the different enzymes helps in weight loss and in the significant reduction of many parts of the body. By eliminating fat cells, the product relaxes the epidermis for a toned and smoother result. It also fights flaccidity and firms the buttocks. Its action on hyaluronic acid is beneficial, as it prevents water retention and related swelling. The formula with various enzymes acts in depth for a more lasting effect.

Application Protocol

  • Lipase 1500 IU must be applied by a professional. He has the necessary knowledge to evaluate the effect of the product and the number of sessions necessary for its benefits to be perfectly noticeable.
  • The product is to be applied on the eyelids, face or body. After a few sessions, it reduces fatty deposits while erasing facial wrinkles and toning the epidermis.
Lipase 1500 UI 5x10ml - MCCM
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