Polident Anti-Bacterial Dental Appliance...

Polident Anti-Bacterial Dental Appliance Cleaner 96 Tablets

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"Polident Anti-Bacterial Cleanser provides superior cleaning of your dental appliance compared to conventional toothpaste. Effectively removes microbial particles, plaque and stains for a cleaner, fresher and brighter denture. Easy to use, just Immerse your device in a solution of this cleaner for fast results. Can also be used safely overnight for deep disinfection."

Helps clean braces better than regular toothpaste. It releases active oxygen and helps remove microbial particles that can cause gum and mouth irritation. it also helps remove plaque and stains. Thus, you can keep a cleaner, fresher and more radiant device Directions for use: put 1 tablet in a glass of lukewarm water. Then fully immerse the braces in it. After about ten minutes, rinse with water before putting it back in your mouth. If necessary, it can be safely left in the solution overnight.
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