AIGUILLE MESORAM 30G/0.3x13 MM (Ultra fine)

    MESORAM NEEDLES 30G/0.3x13 MM Ultra fine

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    These needles are used for precision injections, including Botox and micro-injections.


    MESORAM NEEDLES 30G/0.3x13 MM Ultra fine


    - The use of these mesotherapy needles facilitates self-injection and reduces pain. The use of these mesotherapy needles does not require local anesthesia.

    - Mesotherapy needles leave less scarring or bruising, making the treatment invisible.

    - Micro-needles are particularly suitable for cosmetic treatments such as mesotherapy and Botox.

    - The wide range of micro-needles provides a range of needles suitable for specific injections.

    - Mesoram microinjection needles for mesotherapy are delivered in a pack of 100 sterile needles. The sterile needles are individually wrapped.

    - Mesoram sterile needles are sterile, single use mesotherapy needles.


    • Possibility of self-injection
    • Precision of needle application
    • Minimal pain sensation
    • Less scarring
    • Indicated in aesthetic medicine
    • Individually packaged

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