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Somatoline Cosmetic Intensive Treatment Rebellious Zones 100 ML

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"The Somatoline Cosmetic Intensive Treatment for Rebellious Areas is a lipo-reducing serum that precisely targets resistant areas of fat. Its specific formula acts at 360° to destock fatty deposits, facilitate the mobilization of fatty acids and prevent the reappearance of fatty areas. Use -twice a day to see noticeable improvements in just 28 days.This product is specially recommended for women who want to target the arms, hips, thighs and knees.The tube is equipped with a specific applicator for precise use on areas to be treated.

The Rebel Zones Intensive Treatment is a concentrated liporeducing serum. Thanks to its specific formula, it promotes a 360° action on the most resistant localized fatty deposits and helps to fight against their reappearance. Clinical tests prove it. Recommended for: Women looking for a specific slimming treatment with targeted action to treat the most critical areas: arms, hips, thighs and knees. Its actions: - Promotes destocking and thus the reduction of resistant localized fatty deposits; - Facilitates the mobilization of fatty acids to produce energy; - Helps fight against the reappearance of localized fatty deposits. Directions for use: Apply twice a day to the most critical areas, massaging until the product is completely absorbed. Its tube with specific applicator allows direct use on the area to be treated, for a targeted slimming action. For best results, it is recommended to use Somatoline Cosmetic Intensive Treatment for Rebellious Zones regularly for 28 days. Prolonged use after 4 weeks of treatment helps maintain the results obtained. After a few minutes of massage, you may feel a sensation of warmth, possibly accompanied by slight tingling and a possible appearance of temporary redness. The appearance and intensity of these possible reactions, which disappear completely in all cases after 30 minutes, may differ according to individual sensitivity and are signs of the innovative cosmetic action of the product. These phenomena are transient and should not be confused with a reaction of intolerance to the product. In case of excessive redness, wash thoroughly with cold water. Wash hands thoroughly after application.

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