Ducray Kelual DS Anti-Dandruff Treatment...

Ducray Kelual DS Anti-Dandruff Treatment Shampoo 100ml

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Ducray Kelual DS is an effective and long-lasting anti-dandruff treatment shampoo. Its unique formula containing CICLOPIROXOLAMINE and PIROCTONE OLAMINE soothes itching, eliminates dandruff and improves the quality of life of scalps prone to seborrheic dermatitis. With 80% less itching, an 89% reduction in flaking and a 74% improvement in quality of life after use, this product delivers tangible results. In addition to its performance, the shampoo is made in an eco-responsible way, with recyclable packaging and a biodegradable formula.

• KELUAL DS Treatment shampoo soothes itching and contributes to lasting elimination of dandruff • Its purifying formula acts on the factors responsible for severe dandruff conditions and their recurrence, associated with intense itching • Used in the attack phase then in the recovery phase maintenance, it also accompanies scalps prone to seborrheic dermatitis • KELUAL DS Treatment shampoo has a patented* combination of active ingredients, based on CICLOPIROXOLAMINE and PIROCTONE OLAMINE, which acts synergistically to rapidly and durably eliminate dandruff • The results: -80%¹ in itching, -89%¹ in severity of scales (crusts that detach from the skin) and +74%² in improvement in quality of life *Patent pending¹Study of tolerance and efficacy carried out on 62 subjects after 15 days of use.²Clinical study on 62 subjects - Perceived evaluation of the improvement in quality of life after 29 days of use. Its Green Impact Index is B, we explain why. The Green Impact index measures the environmental and societal impact of our products based on an overall score including 20 criteria. The Green Impact Index does not measure the effectiveness of the product, nor its effects on individual health, but its respect for nature and society as a whole (eco-socio-design). At Pierre Fabre, it is estimated that a product begins to be eco-socio-designed from a B rating, even if the ultimate objective is to reach A. The environmental and societal impact of this product is: Recyclable packaging (According to French sorting instructions which may vary locally) Biodegradable formula****According to the OECD 301B testManufactured in a factory certified for the environment******According to ISO 14001 or ECOVADIS standard • FIGHTS against the itching that can accompany severe dandruff • ELIMINATES dandruff that adheres to the scalp effectively and durably • RESPECTS hair coloring Directions for use: • Attack phase: 3 shampoos per week for 2 weeks • Maintenance phase: 1 times a weekIts use once a week for maintenance helps prevent the reappearance of dandruff in the long term • Apply and rinse • Renew the application, leave on for 3 minutes then rinse Precautions for use: • Rinse in case of contact with eyes Ingredients: WATER (AQUA). SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE. DECYL GLUCOSIDE. UNDECYLENAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE. CICLOPIROX OLAMINE. LACTAMIDE MEA. LAURYL BETAINE. CETEARETH-60 MYRISTYL GLYCOL. CITRIC ACID. FRAGRANCE (PERFUME). GLYCYRRHETINIC ACID. PIROCTONE OLAMINE. POLYQUATERNIUM-10. SODIUM CHLORIDE. TRISODIUM ETHYLENEDIAMINE DISUCCINATE The list of ingredients may be subject to variations, we advise you to check the list on the packaging of the product purchased and to refer to the instructions
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