7 manières de lutter contre les taches brunes sur le visage

Have dark spots recently appeared on your face? Does it worry or bother you? Don't panic.


The first thing you need to know is that these brown spots are pigmentary spots on the skin. Also called age spots, they are a normal occurrence that affects more than 90% of white-skinned people over 70.


Despite this, they have nothing to do with age. It is simply a matter of oxidation of the skin. Obviously, the older we get, the more our skin oxidizes, due to the different phenomena our skin is confronted with, such as exposure to the sun for example.


It is therefore important to identify these spots and to understand them, in order to limit their appearance or even make them disappear. Indeed, some cosmetic products and treatments can help to fight against these tasks.


We explain.


What causes the appearance of brown spots on the face?


The main reason for the appearance of brown spots is exposure to the sun, or rather to its ultraviolet rays. As a result of this exposure, melanin, the natural pigment responsible for skin coloring, can become concentrated in certain areas. As a result, brown spots appear.


But there are many reasons such as :

- aggressive facial cleansing, such as frequent scrubbing

- pollution

- phytosanitary products and other xenobiotic products (life destroyers)

- tobacco and alcohol consumption

All of this is experienced by your skin as an aggression, and it defends itself through these brown spots.

Finally, a vitamin E deficiency can cause brown spots.


Which creams to fight against brown spots on the face?

There are different creams to fight against brown spots.


Never go out without your sunscreen

If the sun is the main aggressor of your skin, you must protect yourself from it to avoid the development of brown spots on your face. Use creams with SPF50+ sun protection, especially when you plan to be in the sun for a while.


Exfoliate your skin

In order to fight against dark spots, it is necessary to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. This way, you eliminate dead skin cells and promote cell renewal.


Use a "special brown spot" cream

Some creams enriched with vitamin C or retinol help to reduce brown spots on the face. Indeed, vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant. It helps fight against cell oxidation and skin aging. Retinol will limit the creation of melanin and activate cell renewal.


Apply moisturizing and soothing creams

These brown spots are due to an aggression of your skin. To avoid this, it is therefore necessary to soothe it with an appropriate care. Nourishing your skin will make it less sensitive to various aggressions. You can for example use creams based on hemp, centella asiatica or ceramide. For more effectiveness, opt for night creams.


What techniques can be used to combat brown spots on the face?

If creams are not enough, you can resort to more radical techniques.


Opt for a laser session

Finally, if these brown spots really bother you, there is an effective but expensive treatment: laser. The heat of the laser allows the removal of the superficial layer of the skin where the pigments are contained. A new skin will be formed within a week, totally new and uniform.


Perform a peel

Like the laser, the peel is an effective treatment. It also aims to renew the skin by applying an acid product. You can perform this treatment in a beauty salon or at a dermatologist's office.

There are also products that allow you to perform a peel at a professional


Cryogenize your skin

Cold is an excellent way to destroy your cells and force their renewal. Thus, the use of a cold jet of liquid nitrogen will destroy the cells of your skin at the level of the brown spots and unify your complexion.


There are different techniques to remove brown spots from your face. Some are more expensive, more painful, but also more effective than others. The best way to start is to take care of your skin and apply anti-aging creams. Use MELANO OUT CREAM, for example, to make your spots disappear quickly.


As previously mentioned, smoking and alcohol can cause the appearance of brown spots. Stopping or reducing your consumption of tobacco and alcohol can also have a positive impact on your skin and your health in general.


Finally, the best thing to do is to consult a doctor as soon as the first spots appear. The advice of a health professional is always good. He or she will be able to give you the appropriate advice for your situation and reassure you.

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