MAM Baby Bottle Easy Start 0+ Months Nature Sky...

MAM Baby Bottle Easy Start 0+ Months Nature Sky Blue Green 260 ml x 2

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"MAM Baby Bottle Easy Start 0+ months in nature sky blue green color is ideal for your baby. It has a capacity of 260ml and is sold by 2. Equipped with a leak-proof cap and an ultra-soft teat, it is perfectly adapted to your little one's mouth. Its ventilated base reduces colic and regurgitation, and it is easy to clean for perfect hygiene. In addition, it has a quick and practical self-sterilizing function for your outings, just fill it with water and heat it for 3 minutes in the microwave.

Leak-proof cap. Graduated doser for small quantities. Ultra-soft surface teat, flat shape, perfectly adapted to baby's mouth. Quick and convenient cleaning. Perfect hygiene. Ventilated base, allows the baby to drink like at the breast. Less colic and regurgitation. Its self-sterilizing function makes it an ideal item for outings Instructions for use for self-sterilization: fill the bottom of the bottle with 20 ml of water (4). Put the pacifier (2) inside. Replace the bottle (3) and the cap (1), heat for 3 minutes in the microwave (500-1000 watts)
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