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CEBELIA Gentle Cleansing Soap is your solution for gentle cleansing while preserving the skin's natural hydration. Enriched with shea butter and essential oils, it leaves the skin soft and fresh.


Gentle Cleansing Soap - For clean and hydrated skin

CEBELIA Gentle Cleansing Soap is a true innovation in the field of skin care. Formulated with natural ingredients such as shea butter and essential oils, it gently cleanses the skin while preserving its natural hydration.

Every day, our skin is exposed to various external aggressions such as pollution, dust and UV rays. It is essential to clean it properly to eliminate these impurities and preserve its health. With this gentle soap, you have a powerful ally to clean your skin while leaving it soft and hydrated.

The benefits of Gentle Cleaning Soap

In addition to its ability to gently cleanse, this soap offers many other benefits:

  • Moisturizing : Thanks to shea butter, it deeply hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and supple.
  • Soothing : The essential oils it contains soothe the skin, leaving it fresh and revitalized.
  • Protective : It creates a protective barrier against external aggressions, such as pollution and UV rays.

How to use it ?

Apply the soap to damp skin, massage gently into a lather, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. For best results, use morning and evening.


Gentle Cleaning Soap is formulated with high quality ingredients, chosen for their effectiveness and gentleness. It contains shea butter to moisturize, essential oils to soothe, and other skin-beneficial ingredients.

By combining these powerful ingredients, Gentle Cleansing Soap offers a complete solution for cleansing the skin while nourishing it. It's time to pamper your skin with the best care!

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