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Bioderma ABCDerm H2O Biodegradable wipes baby and children normal to dry skin 60 units

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Bioderma's biodegradable ABCDerm H2O Wipes offer gentle, safe and eco-responsible cleansing for the skin of babies and children. Enriched with micellar water, these alcohol-free and soap-free wipes provide effective hygiene while preserving your child's delicate skin. Ideal for changing or daily hygiene, they are made in France and comply with the ABCDerm Dermatological Safety Commitment. For maximum softness, complete the cleansing with a nourishing treatment from the same ABCDerm range. Suitable from birth (except premature newborns). Package of 60 units.

Gentle cleansing of your baby is made easy with ABCDerm H2O Biodegradable Baby Wipes. Enriched with micellar water, they provide effective yet gentle cleansing. In accordance with the ABCDerm charter, these baby wipes are designed to guarantee the highest safety and the greatest tolerance.

ABCDerm H2O wipes are versatile, they are ideal for changing and general hygiene of your baby. For maximum softness and comfort, we suggest that you complete the cleansing with a nourishing treatment from the same ABCDerm range.

These wipes, formulated and manufactured in France, are perfectly suitable from birth, with the exception of premature newborns. They are hypoallergenic, alcohol-free and soap-free.

To use ABCDerm H2O wipes, simply gently cleanse your child's skin several times a day with a wipe. You can repeat the operation until the wipe remains clean, using both sides if necessary. After use, dry your baby's skin by dabbing with a cotton towel, without rubbing. Do not forget to reseal the sachet to preserve all the properties of the wipes.

By respecting the ABCDerm Dermatological Safety Commitment, ABCDerm H2O wipes can be used as often as necessary. After use, it is recommended to apply a treatment from the ABCDerm range.


These biodegradable baby wipes provide gentle, safe and eco-friendly cleaning.
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