Color & Soin 10A Light Ash Blonde

Color & Soin 10A Light Ash Blonde

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"Color & Soin 10A Blond Clair Cendre" is a permanent color enriched with natural ingredients, designed to protect and nourish your hair while providing a rich and vibrant color. Its ammonia-free, paraben-free, resorcinol-free and silicone-free formula respects sensitive scalps and covers 100% of gray hair. Easy to apply, this hair color provides a comfortable experience without the pungent smell. It moisturizes your hair, makes it supple and shiny, with a moving color effect. Use it regularly for vibrant color and healthy looking hair.

Color & Care permanent hair color, enriched with active natural ingredients, is designed to protect the health of your hair while providing rich, vibrant color. It is formulated without ammonia, without paraben, without resorcinol and without silicone to respect the most sensitive scalps. Dermatologically tested, this coloring is also a nourishing treatment for your hair thanks to its unique oleo-protein complex.

Beyond a simple coloring, Color & Soin is used to moisturize your hair, to make it supple and shiny. She uses pure, luminous pigments that reflect light, creating a look of color in motion. This coloring covers 100% of white hair, while being easy to apply and without a pungent odor for a comfortable user experience.

To use Color & Care, mix the contents of the bottle of dye with plant extracts with the color fixative from the applicator bottle. Then, apply the mixture to all of your hair, making sure to distribute the product well for optimal results. Leave the product on for 20-40 minutes, depending on the desired coverage. For a maintenance color, apply the mixture only on the roots for 25 minutes, then lengthen on the lengths for an additional 10 minutes.

After application, rinse with lukewarm water, massaging in circles. To stabilize the color, apply the hair balm provided, massaging gently for 2 minutes before proceeding with a final rinse. With Color & Soin, get a vibrant color while taking care of the health of your hair.
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